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HOUSE - 5000m2, 110000E


It sells a building site of a 15km from V.Tarnovo with large 5dka and a new two floors building ground on it. The building is with toilets.They are in a 10m. away from main road.

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PARCEL - 1500 M2, 145000 EUR


Selling or providing against compensation a 1500 sq m parcel located in Gorna Oryahovitza, 10 km Veliko Turnovo. The parcel is intended for house building.

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PARCEL - 600 M2, 6000 EUR


Courtyard area with size - 600 m2, 10km away from V.Tarnovo. It is located on the corner of two asphalt-paved streets. There is electricity, water, and a lovely view.

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PARCEL - 800 M2, 10000 EUR


Selling a 800 sq m parcel with a villa located in the Lovna Hizha area. The villa is brick-built and has two rooms. There are fruit trees and a beautiful view.

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HOTEL - 2500M2, 200000 EUR


Selling a hotel in the Elena mountains, located at 10 km from the Elena town. It comprises a 2500 sq m yard with a massive building (total floor area 730 sq m, 270 sq m attic and a 54 sq m...

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PARCEL - 600 M2, 11500 EUR


Selling 600 qm parcel with a villa in Lovna Hizha area. The villa has two storeys and a fireplace. It's near the main road and there's a beautiful view.

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HOUSE - 200 m2, 18500 EUR


The house is 8 km away from Veliko Tarnovo.It has four rooms, a basement and additional building with a kitchen, a room, a bathroom and a toilet.There is 200 m2 yard with a well and a watertank in it.

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HOUSE - 2000 m2, 10000E


The house is 35 km away from V.Tarnovo.The house consist of three rooms, a corridor, a basement.The yard is 2000 sq.m. big.

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HOUSE - 1000 m2, 25500 EUR


The house is 10 km away from Veliko Tarnovo.There are five rooms,a big basement, a summer kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in it.The yard is 1000 m2 big with a well and farm buildings.

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PARCEL - 13000 M2, 12 EUR/M2


The plots are from 500 m2 to 5800 m2 with total floor area of about 13 dka. They are subject to paragraph 4, suburban villa zone. Some of them have wells. They are located in Gorna Oriahovitsa...

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