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HOUSE - 5000m2, 110000E


It sells a building site of a 15km from V.Tarnovo with large 5dka and a new two floors building ground on it. The building is with toilets.They are in a 10m. away from main road.

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HOUSE - 200 m2, 18500 EUR


The house is 8 km away from Veliko Tarnovo.It has four rooms, a basement and additional building with a kitchen, a room, a bathroom and a toilet.There is 200 m2 yard with a well and a watertank in it.

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HOUSE - 2000 m2, 10000E


The house is 35 km away from V.Tarnovo.The house consist of three rooms, a corridor, a basement.The yard is 2000 sq.m. big.

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HOUSE - 1000 m2, 25500 EUR


The house is 10 km away from Veliko Tarnovo.There are five rooms,a big basement, a summer kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in it.The yard is 1000 m2 big with a well and farm buildings.

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HOUSE - 1200m2, 45000 EUR


The house is 20 km away from Veliko Tarnovo.It is new built, with two balconies, a big basement, five rooms, a bathroom and a toilet.The yard is 1200 m2 big and there is a garage, a summer kitchen...

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HOUSE - 2300 m2, 25000 EUR


The house is near the town of Elena, in the Balkan mountain.It has 5 rooms, basement, farming buildings and 2300 m2 yard.

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HOUSE - 1500 M2, 9000 EUR


The house is 35 km. away from V. Tarnovo. It has three rooms,a corridor,a basement an oven, farm buildings, electricity and water-main. The yard is 1500sq.m big.

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HOUSE - 1000 M2, 13500 EUR


The house is 25 km. away from Veliko Tarnovo. It has seven rooms,a bathroom - inside and a toilet. The yard is 1000sq.m. big with a well and farm buildings.

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HOUSE - 963 m2, 35000 EUR


The house is 40 km away from Veliko Tarnovo, in the heart of the Balkan mountain.It is faced to south-west and is 62 m2.On the first floor there are two rooms, a big basement, a garage, a bathroom...

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HOUSE - 500 m2, 130 000 EUR


The house is 40 km away from Veliko Tarnovo in the heart of the Balkan mountain.It is massive, two-floor house with all modern conviniences.On the first floor there is a big sitting room with a...

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