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GARANT is an independant real estate agency specialising in property sales,insurances, management, construction, planting, documentary and communication assistance.Our aim is to provide our customers with complete service and convenience during the process of buying a property in the country.

  The company has been operating on the market since 1999.During these years mw have strenghtened our position as a correct end reliable partner for our customers and our coleagues.


HOUSE - 5000m2, 110000E

a6d9a16690465a63f035e7372515ab31.jpg It sells a building site of a 15km from V.Tarnovo with large 5dka and a new two floors building ground on it. The building is with toilets.They are in a 10m. away from main road.

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PARCEL - 1500 M2, 145000 EUR

dcce612770f14010e02167d1833cf0ca.jpg Selling or providing against compensation a 1500 sq m parcel located in Gorna Oryahovitza, 10 km Veliko Turnovo. The parcel is intended for house building.

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